Friday, November 14, 2014

I GOT MY BLOG BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to first off apologize to all my followers for not maintaining Survey Referral Programs Updates. I lost access back in 2010 and gave up trying to recover my login info.

Now I am very excited to get back to updating the Survey referral program with the latest and greatest site to help you all make money online with the Survey Referral Program.

Stay tuned because Now I'm going to bed.
Thank You.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Newcomers Update!

 Now that you have decided you want to make money online with paid surveys, you must start knowing that you are not going to get rich from completing paid online surveys. You can make some great extra income if you really have the time completing online surveys. It also take a good couple weeks to get the surveys flowing in. The more surveys you attempt the more surveys the survey companies will send.
 I spend a good 3 - 4 Hrs. a day and i always check my emails and sort through the surveys that are worth my time. For example if i get 3 surveys and one is 30 min.@ $2 another for 20 min.@ $4, Im going to start the $4.00 one first and work my way through the rest going down. Mainly you want to complete the surveys that are less time consuming and worth it. Also make sure you complete all member profile questions on each survey site. These profiles are what will determine how many surveys you will get offered to complete. I select everything they offer for hobbies, interests, electronics and so on. I try not to make it to obvious that im just selecting everything so i leave a few unchecked i have completly no intrest or knowledge about.

When you start a survey you go through a series of pre qualification questions. Never select any of the job functions they ask if you work at although you probably don't anyway, Example; Do you work for any of the following 1) market research 2)television station 3)advertising agency and a couple others, you will see soon.
 You want to manipulate your way into a survey if you know your not what they are looking for. If the survey is about dog food and you dont have a dog then say you have a dog and give it a name if asked. Im sure you know someone with a dog that you can put yourself in their shoes and make a few bucks. I do not recommend you manipulate surveys that you have no idea about or what they are looking for. You are just going to waste your time. The questions have answers that determine if you know what you are talking about and you will not qualifiy after wasting 5 - 10 min.
 You are also not going to qualify for every survey and this happens for a few reasons. Mainly you just dont fit the basic profile like male/female, age, Employment or most of the time its because the quata has been filled. This is why you must check your email often and start the surveys ASAP!

That is all for today but please read older posts and good luck! If you have any questions for me please feel free to ask! I will help you as best as i can. Thank you.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Who's HOT! and COLD

This week i have made 18.00 with greenfield. They have been offering one after another 3.00 to 4.00 surveys. Also i got my 4th palm pilot study through lightspeed. $60 a pop. They send you a palm pilot via fedex along with a 10$ visa gift card and for 2 weeks you record the data, this time its beverage consumption. after 2 weeks you ship it back and 8 weeks later you recieve a 50$ visa gift card. Very simple money. Opinion place was hot for a few weeks straight and then nothing. past week i have not gotten any surveys from them. but a few weeks ago i got an invite for invoke solutions through them and it was a 60min. study that paid 20.00. Opinion outpost has been hit and miss past week, only made about 10.00 with them. The hottest i have to say and consistent has been Valued opinions. I have made 60.00 in past month with them and surveys keep coming. Keep checking your emails and good luck!

Survey Emails

One important part to the survey taking experience is to make sure you set up a email account just for the surveys. This way you dont overload your personal email acct. and you can keep better track of the surveys you recieve.

Big Mistake

To my Survey Referral Program Members:
 This morning i was adding a new survey site and i accidentally erased all the links. I have added 90% of them back to the list but im waiting to get my unique links from a couple sites. Please look at the links at the lower portion of the survey referral program site and use them to sign up with Lightspeed and elite opinon These 2 are very valuable and you will want to join with them. I will correct the links soon. Thank you.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Surveyspot prize winner

I won the instant prize reward on the surveyspot instant win game. I am not sure how much but it is anywhere from 50-250 dollars. So cool, I thought i would never win. I have made good money with surveyspot taking their surveys and this just made it one of my top fav. sites. I will post my winnings in 6-8 weeks. So to all you who think that the prize drawings are scams ( i was one them ) they are not. Good luck to u and i hope one day you will be a winner of one of these drawings too.
Vincent Destino.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Survey Referral Program

The survey referral program is not a review site. I am not going to waste my time listing survey sites that are going to waste your time. So if i dont have it listed it does not mean its a waste of time site. I listed the best ones that i have great success with. If anyone has a link to a great survey site and wants to share with us then please feel free to post it. Thank you, From the survey referral program.