Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello first Timers!

It has been awhile since i have written anything. So i am going to write the best information about how you can make money with online surveys.
First thing you need to do is set up a few important tools to help and manage your survey cash system.
#1. Paypal. Very Important to have this in place and it is free for the basic subscription. If you have a bank account then that is great because you can have your paypal funds transferred to your account for no charge. If not you can have a check mailed to you at a cost of $1.50.
#2. Roboform. This tool will help you keep track of all your favorite survey sites and your login information. If your like me and are signed up at over 30 survey sites then you will need this. This is also free but that only lasts for trial period and then you can upgrade. If not then you can only keep 5 sites stored. I recommend the upgrade, it will save you time and that is key to making money with surveys.
#3. GoodSync. Backup your important information. If your computer crashes or breaks you want to feel secure and know that your survey site information is still there as well as all of your important files.
*Don't be Cheap about these services your first month of online surveys with this system and you will make it back and then some.
Now your ready to start signing up with the top survey sites i have listed on the right, labeled 100% Free top Survey sites. Start at the top and work your way down.
Project payday is not a survey site, it is a different kind of money making system known as paid offers. You get paid for trying offers and the you get others to sign up for offers and you make money when you get so many referrals. You can sign up for a great price after you turn down the original offer. There are some awesome bonus' that come with the membership. My favorite is the free membership to surveyscout which has links to 100' of survey sites and focus groups. This is worth trying!
Now when you sign up with the survey sites you can fill in your info fast thanks to roboform. You want to put truthful info. in your account and profile sections. When you take a survey it will know if you are being honest through your profile answers so accurate info is important. You will know when you can manipulate a few of the survey questions to get accepted in the survey just don't get involved with surveys you know absolutely nothing about. They will know and you will not get rewarded. waste of time. Technology surveys carry good payouts but if you don't know anything about it your answers will show that and your wasting your time and you may not get invited back from that survey company.
Well that's enough for now i hope this is some useful information and helps everyone make some extra cash with online surveys. Good Luck.

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