Thursday, April 23, 2009

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Thank you for checking out the survey referral program. Please use the sign up form on the right to become a member and learn how to make money taking online surveys. Once you sign up be sure to check your email for the confirmation link.

I am always searching and evaluating new survey sites and will post the links in the top survey sites list to your right when i find the best ones, so please check frequently to ensure you are signed up with all of them.

Thank you again and please post your comments and let me know what you think about the program.


  1. Please leave a comment when you sign up so we all know who is part of our program. If we get to know more about each other the more help we can get out of this.

  2. Hey Vincent this is hyperjunkie we met on Sportbook a few weeks ago and you convinced me to try the survey program and finally I found the time to get started. I just wanted to say Thank You...I just recieved a check yesterday for $50.00. Ive been filling out surveys on a daily basis and have earned a measurable amount over the past week. Again thanks for getting me started