Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Survey News

Hello everyone!, I am starting something new to the survey referral progrm. This post is for your survey news and updates. If you have anything to share about your online survey experience please leave your comments.

There are a few things i want you to know. Mindfield is having a 1000.00 drawing and you get entered by filling out all of the Member Questionnaires. So do that as soon as you sign up there.
I recommend you always fill out the questionnaires on every survey site that has them. This gets you more invites to online surveys.

So come on folks lets get some communication going on here. Did you all receive my welcome letter and the follow up. I need to know these things. I want you all to make money taking online surveys and if you are not receiving this information then i am doing something wrong. so far only have 1 signed up at mindfield. This is a great site i get about 5 surveys from them a day anywhere from 1.00 and up. The biggest was 8.00 just to watch the A-list awards show. So let me know whats going on. As always Thank you! Vincent

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